Meet the Maker and Pups

Hello, my name is Laurie and I am the face behind the account Maxx and Gracee Designs. I started this account as a I could not find cute accessories to dress up my pups. Every order we get makes us super happy as we love to see our designs out there for everyone to enjoy.

We appreciate the support you have all given us.

Proudly Canadian

All our products are made in Canada. We source
our fabrics from locally owned family businesses and
purchase in small quantities, so when they
are out—they’re out!

Meet Maxx and Gracee

Maxx is a 6 year old black lab and yes he eats non-stop and loves to swim. He is very friendly but most people will cross the street due to his large size. He is very gentle with his weenie sister though.

Gracee is a 5 year old daschund and is the boss of everyone including us. She hates the outdoors and loves to sit inside and snuggle. She will go on adventures but makes it known to everyone she is in control.

We love to feature your pups so please tag us for a feature on our IG page.

Laurie, Maxx, and Gracee XO